Bonnie & Clyde – A Review

OK first off, Bonnie had the hots for murderers which leads me to believe that she is rough in bed and the only people who can handle it are those who go/survived prison. So get this, 19 year old little old Bonnie was already married to an incarcerated murderer but her vag was getting dry so she started playing the field and met Clyde in 1930 and they hit it off immediately but then he went to jail. But she actually loved this one so she waited with celibacy for 2 years but Clyde didn’t because of what happens in prison sometimes when you drop the soap. Which led Clyde to his first murder, which I think is a perfectly good punishment for sexual assault. Anyways, now 1932, out of prison with a possible infection, Bonnie and Clyde unite. But prison changed Clyde and he was ready to fight the law anyway he could due to the conditions he had previously dealt with the past 2 years and Bonnie not only was thrilled that her bad boy was even badder now, now she bad. Time goes by, they kidnap a few people, let them go a few states later… rob some places for money.. steal cars.. kill people. These bitches were constantly on the RUN. and wanted. Which leads me to my first interesting fact for you Iowans, they were almost caught there! they had a shoot out with the police and ultimately won cause they were bonafide motherfuckin criminals and Iowa people are just too nice, even the police. Seriously, I’ve had wonderful experiences with Iowa cops, and the ones I meet off tinder. I went to school there for all my wonderful readers who probably already stopped reading. so these criminals keep being criminals and ultimately die in 1934 – Bonnie, 23 – Clyde, 25 because they never would have let themselves be captured alive. they were both shot many, many times and then I presume went to hell with one another in which they wanted all along. RIP KILLAS

so next time you tell someone they are the bonnie to your clyde, know that if one of you starts killing – u have to too

xoxo happy history



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